DSL High Speed Internet Service

High Speed DSL Surfing, gaming, emailing, streaming and downloading – the online experience gets a whole lot better with High-Speed Internet. DSL Internet is the original high speed service. Offering high speed internet through your phone service, DSL makes it easy for families across the country to get high speed Internet service using your existing phone lines to deliver the signal. Using a broadband modem and plug-in phone line filters, your DSL connection allows you to make better use of your telephone line. You can surf the Internet and make calls at the same time. Download pictures. Watch online video.

SkyNet DSL has several different plans and speed levels. By offering multiple connection speeds, you can choose your DSL connection based on low price, high speed, or both.


  • $29.95
  • $29.95
  • $39.95


  • $29.95
  • $34.95
  • $49.95

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