Why do business with SkyNet DataCom

Reliable Product at a fair price

Wi-Fi is the fastest Internet access network in the world. Wi-Fi is currently at 54Mbps now, and soon 802.11n will offer 248Mbps. The access speeds blow away 3G, cable and DSL providers. Only fiber to the curb can really compete with Wi-Fi.

Full Service Internet Company

Whether you’re a small growing business or a large, established enterprise, SkyNet DataCom Business Internet can enhance your business communication, research, downloading and data transfer with ease and confidence. We offer a host of business-grade features, a choice of Dynamic or Static IPs, business-class email and more. So if you need your computer repaired, connect to remote offices and employees or manage large amounts of business data, SkyNet DataCom Business Services has a scalable solution for you.

Consultative Approach

By partnering with our clients, we get to know their business processes and priorities. Together, we help make strategic decisions that solve problems and improve our customers’ profitability and lower operational expenses. In short, we take our jobs seriously and do whatever we need to do to keep our customers happy. Try us and you will not be disappointed.

Home Town Touch

Tired of being put on hold when you call your present provider or having to push 1-2-and then get some ones voice mail, at SkyNet DataCom we have an open door policy for our customers you can come buy our office any time and discuss your needs.
Services for commercial and residential

Benefits to your business

  • Enhanced productivity
    When you access the Internet through our network, you’ll receive more robust two-way speeds for faster downloads/connections and, ultimately, more efficient and reliable communications for your business.
  • Enhanced reliability
    You’re assured of consistent, reliable data service when you need it because we own and maintain our network - and monitor it 24/7.
  • Convenience and consistency
    Your business Internet connection is Always-On, so you can avoid the hassles and expense of extra phone lines and dial-up service. And unlike DSL AND CABLE you’ll get more consistent service.
  • Flexibility and customization
    Choose what makes sense for your business, including the speed of service, static and/or dynamic IPs, the number of IP blocks and the number of e-mails.