Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet El Dorado Area Wireless Internet Technology transmits a line-of-sight signal, which is picked up by a flat panel antenna. SkyNet DataCom utilizes wireless equipment that establishes "radio" links between two or more networks up to 25 miles apart and moves data faster than T-1 lines.

Such speeds will enable all your employees in your organization to:

  • Send and receive email in a fast and efficient manner
  • Download files, Web pages and images quickly
  • Allow for a virtual private network (VPN) between two or more offices enabling file sharing, print sharing and other network capabilities
  • Host your own Internet servers (e.g. email, Web)
  • Protect your office from malicious users of the Internet (optional built in firewall)
  • Facilitate high-quality video conferencing
  • Support interoffice wireless roaming
  • Operate with an "always on" Internet connection

We are aggressivly expanding our general coverage throughout the El Dorado area, so our "low cost" high speed coverage may be available at your location at any time. We can also make a special wireless connection, just for you or your neighbors, no matter where you are. We'll bring the Internet to you! (extra charges apply if you are not currently in our coverage area).

If you live out in the middle of nowhere, and have been unable to get HIGH SPEED INTERNET, now is your chance! Call us for complete details (870) 875-1600

*Coverage may vary based on terrian and tree density and proximity.

Coverage Areas Include:

Wireless Internet for South Arkansas

For Home

Up to 3Mb x 384k
WiFi prices start at $19.95 a month!

For Business

Available packages starting at $49.95 per month.


  • Up to 1Mb x 256kb
  • Up to 2Mb x 384kb
  • Up to 3Mb x 512kb
  • Up to 4Mb x 768k

Installation and equipment not included. Call for price quotes.

Download the Wireless Internet Policy here